Why Does The Casino Always Have An Advantage In Any Single Player Blackjack Strategy?

Like any game that casinos offer, blackjack gives casinos a serious advantage over the player throughout the game. The advantage is expressed in terms of percentage and is mentioned as an advantage that the casino has over the player – “House Edge” or “House Vigorish”.

According to Wikipedia, Vigorish (also known as the spread, the house edge, or simply the vig) is the fee a casino charges for accepting a player’s bet. The word comes from the original Russian term (вы́игрыш) which literally means “profit”

The casino edge clearly shows the type of profit that the gaming platform receives from each player’s bet. So let’s say if the casino edge reaches 3.5%, the payout to the player reaches 96.5%.

If a concrete example is given, in monetary terms, the situation is as follows: for every 100 euros that is left in the casino, 96.5 euros will go to pay the players and 3.5 euros will be left in the casino.

However, do not take our statement for the truth, because it is nothing more than average figures. Very often it happens – 2 players bet 100 euros each, after which one lost his bet and the other managed to win 300 euros. Here the casino pays extra – but it certainly won’t remain in loss in the future.

What is the casino advantage in the visitor’s game against the dealer?

Blackjack, as roulette and dice are positioned by the casino as “playing against the bank.” In these bets a player plays against the casino and their chances of winning are not equal, despite all the promises of the online casino. Regardless of the results of the round, according to the rules, the casino still receives a certain part of the money from random players.

In blackjack, the dealer wins the bet of each losing player and their results generally do not matter. Analyze yourself: to win, the player must defeat the dealer, who, however, will be satisfied not only with his victory, but also with the player who will have more than 21 points and thus lose.

Advantages and Probabilities

Another advantage of the gambling house is the random nature of the payouts for each of the proposed games. Try to compare your chances of winning with the payouts offered by the casino from a mathematical point of view. They will never match, and the player will have no choice but to accept the casino odds.

The best way to explain the difference between the odds and the actual odds in the casino is craps. As we know, a hexagonal cube is used with numbers from 1 to 6. What is the probability that number 2 will fall when the player rolls? It is very easy to count, we divide 100 by 6 and we get 16.66%.

Remember that the casino will not pay the player 6 to 1 even if they have actually guessed the number that falls. Not all casinos offer to pay 5 to 1, in most cases the ratio is 4 to 1. Thus, the casino seriously increases its own edge, paying a player less than he can lose.

Blackjack is the friendliest game

Despite the obvious casino advantage, blackjack is the friendliest game. Players who adhere to a basic strategy of playing blackjack minimize their casino edge to 0.17% when playing with a single deck and 0.66% when playing with eight decks.

Therefore, the smaller the number of decks involved in the game, the lower the casino edge. This explains why, when playing a deck, the player’s payout in case of winning is minimal – this is done to compensate for the low edge of the bookmaker.

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